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Invisible Boost. Unmissable Confidence.

Boost your height and your vibe with Levante Shoes' height-boosting footwear. Whether you're looking for a subtle 6cm lift or a standout 10cm, our innovative elevator sneakers offer the perfect combination of style and confidence. Your style, your choice.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

Surprisingly Impressed

I was sceptical before I tried the shoes but surprisingly impressed. I would recommend Levante to anyone that wants their perspective on life literally turned on its head!
Ferdie H

Amazing Quality!

I got the Galaxy shoe and I love them! They are so comfy and give me that extra lift in height. I walk with confidence thanks to Levante shoes! 2 thumbs up, definitely recommend 👍🏻 👍🏻
Kristian J

A must for your wardrobe!

The only pair of shoes that lifts up my mood and my height! 😉

Levante's unique and quality offerings are an absolute MUST in your wardrobe.
Terence G

The Perfect Elevator Sneakers. Stand Tall & Stand Out.

Standing tall does more than just add cm to your height; it boosts your confidence, improves your posture and can even positively influence how you're perceived by others.

Experience a new level of comfort and confidence with our height boosting sneakers. Feel amazing and make your best impression at work, on a date, or enjoying a night out with friends with a boost of between 6 and 10cm in extra height.

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Jaxen Black Leather Boots

Comfortable Height Increasing Shoes. Your Everyday Companion.

Crafted for comfort, Levante Shoes are lightweight, flexible and perfect for your busy lifestyle.

The unique design helps maintain your natural posture while providing flexible cushioning to support your feet. Our signature 6cm boost is guaranteed for day long comfort with our larger boosts offering the best possible balance between comfort and standing tall - all without the telltale signs of heel enhancement.

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Rise Effortlessly.
Comfort That Lifts You Higher.

Step into our comfortable selection of elevator height increasing slides, the ultimate essential for warmer months! Our slides perfectly blend relaxed vibes with a discreet lift, offering an effortlessly elevated look whether you're by the pool, at the beach, or enjoying a sunny day out. Experience a noticeable boost in height and feel great at the same time!

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Levante Shoes 7.5cm Height Boosting Inner Soles

Step Up In Style, with Levante Height-Boosting Inner Soles.

Introducing our Levante Height-Boosting Inner Soles, the ideal solution for anyone looking to discreetly enhance their stature without changing their favorite shoes. These inner soles feature a flexible rubber sole and a removable air cushion that absorbs impact, ensuring comfort throughout the day.

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Levante Shoes About Us Image | We Believe Height Is In Your Control

About Us

Some aspects of life are out of our control, but we believe height shouldn't be one of them. Our footwear gives you your perfect height boost so you can feel confident, regardless of the occasion or the company, delivered in a package of stylish, covetable shoes that complement your own personal style.