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New Collection

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Ever wished you were just a little bit taller?

Not basketball player tall, but just that slight advantage to stand out in a crowded room or an added dose of confidence when mingling with new faces.

Welcome to Levante. Our innovative range of shoes is your secret weapon - boosting your confidence and elevate your style effortlessly.  With a subtle height boost that literally lifts your presence, you'll be standing tall(er) without advertising that you're wearing height boosting shoes.

We also make sure that our shoes are all-day-wear comfortable, whether you're navigating crucial meetings, social events, or your daily grind. Our shoes have superior cushioning, arch support and a lightweight, ergonomic design, ensuring that your feet stay comfortable and pain-free, even during extended wear.

Whether you're posing for a group photo, hitting the town for a night out, aiming to even the odds in a professional landscape or merely seeking to incorporate some extra stature in your daily existence, we've got your back. And your feet.

Levante Flux Height Boosting Sneakers in Grey

Stand tall in any situation.

  • Inconspicuous Elevation

    With the perfect height boost that you'll feel but which won't draw attention for the wrong reasons.

  • Confidence Unleashed

    It's impossible not to feel amazing in our shoes as you stride with unshakeable confidence into any scenario.

  • Comfortable and Durable

    Our shoes offer round-the-clock comfort and are built to last.

Committed to our customers.

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