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Rockie Ankle Boots (7.5cm Boost)

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Our Rockie Ankle Boots are your new go-to for stepping up your style and stature, all while keeping it under the radar.   

Our Rockies boast a sneaky 7.5cm height boost, craftily hidden within the boot to ensure nobody's the wiser. Stand taller and stay comfy all day with top-notch materials that make sure you're all about feeling great, not fretting over your feet

Available in classic brown or black, the Rockie is all about blending in or standing out on your terms. With its rugged design, visible stitching and trail-ready tread it’s perfect for adding a bit of edge to your look, whether you're hitting the town or just hanging out. Lace up a pair and feel the difference – more height, more confidence, all day, every day.