Levante Elemental Elevator Sneakers
Walking image, Levante Elemental elevator sneakers
Levante Elemental Elevator Sneakers Rear View
Height boosting sneakers, Levante Elemental, front view
White and brown elevator sneakers, Levante Elemental
Levante Elemental 6cm Height Boosting Sneakers
Levante Elemental top view
Levante Elemental sole view
Levante Elemental back view
Levante Elemental flexibility image
Levante Elemental white elevator sneaker with brown and grey accents

Elemental Sneakers (4, 6 or 8cm Boost)

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Discover the perfect fusion of style and comfort with our Elemental Sneakers.  Boasting a clean, sleek profile that pairs seamlessly with any outfit these elevator sneakers are the versatile choice in your off-duty wardrobe

Flexible and lightweight and made from soft, breathable materials our shoes ensure your feet stay comfortable and cool, even after hours of wear. The in-built height boosting insoles are designed to provide excellent support - perfect for those who are always on the move.

Choose from a subtle 4cm boost, our signature 6cm or make a statement with an extra 8cm - all carefully concealed within the shoe to elevate your height and confidence without announcing your secret. 

Which height boost should I choose?

  • Experience a subtle edge with our 4cm Boost, providing a discreet 1-1.5cm elevation above traditional sneakers. Designed for seamless integration into your daily life, these shoes won't draw attention to the fact that they're height-boosting - even when you kick them off! Comfortable from the moment you put them on these are your new go-to sneakers for an everyday boost of confidence and style.
  • Our 6cm 'Signature Boost' offers a discreet height increase of 3.5-4cm compared to regular shoes, subtly enhancing your stature so you look and feel great without drawing unwanted attention to your secret.  With a gentle raised heel, getting used to these shoes takes only a few minutes and they have additional benefits of improving posture and providing all-day comfort.
  • The 8cm Boost is created by adding a 2cm removable custom wedge under the inner sole to elevate you by approximately 5.5-6cm compared to regular shoes with a 5cm heel-to-toe drop.  The extra height shifts your weight slightly forward towards the ball of your feet and can push your toes forward in the shoe, however most people find that they are comfortable for extended wear.

Available in sizes from US 5 to US 9.5 - don't miss out - buy yours today!

    You'll Notice. They'll Admire

    The moment you step into a pair of Levante Shoes, you'll feel an instant lift—not just in height, but in confidence and presence. Choose from a boost between 4 and 10cm -depending on the shoe - for a subtle stature boost or for maximum impact, depending on your occasion and mood.

    Available in a range of designs to complement your wardrobe and ensure your feet look as good as you feel.

    Crafted to make you feel good. All. Day. Long.

    We know that comfort is non-negotiable when it comes to footwear. That's why our elevator sneakers are carefully constructed to be light and flexible and are ergonomically designed to offer the most comfortable experience possible - whichever height boost you choose.

    From the day-long comfort offered by our signature 6cm boost to maximum comfort on occasions when a lasting impression is required, our elevator sneakers will support your feet so you can focus on being at your best.