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Elevator Inner Soles (3-7.5cm Boost)

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Our Levante Height-Boosting Inner Soles offer a practical solution for those seeking a subtle lift in height without swapping out their favourite footwear.  Our inner soles have a flexible rubber sole and removable air cushion to absorb impact through your heel and the smart design ensures a smooth stride and day-long comfort.

  • Fits any adult shoe size - simply trim the clearly marked line on the insoles to match the size of your shoe
  • Available in 4 different height options - ranging from a subtle 3cm or 4.5cm or a more prominent 6cm or 7.5cm boost.  
  • Our 4.5cm, 6cm and 7.5cm inner soles are adjustable - so you can be the perfect height, no matter what your occasion.
  • Maximum length of 270mm, and fits up to a US 10-11 size.

Our 3cm and 4.5cm soles are perfect for everyday wear in any shoe - including low tops - while the 6cm and 7.5cm options are best suited for use in high top trainers or boots.